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Insurance Photographer

Insurance companies require a great deal of documentation before they pay a claim.

Photos are critical evidence to illustrate the extent of any damage, whether it's a commercial or residential property. 

We work with lawyers, claimants, and insurance companies throughout Florida to take photos that support insurance claims for damage due to wear and tear, hurricanes, floods, fires, and other disasters. We can gather photos of everything from the destruction of buildings and landscaping to interior damage and the loss of furnishings.


Photos are an important component of properly assessing damage, getting estimates on repairs and replacement costs, and finalizing insurance claims so the rebuilding process can begin.


Photos allow for an accurate assessment of lost value, which benefits both the insurer and the claimant.


In our insurance photos, we make sure to capture different views and angles of any damage. We use drones to get aerial photos when a view from above best conveys the magnitude of loss. We understand what photographic evidence insurance companies need to verify claims and go out of our way to include critical details.

Do you need detailed photographs to document damage after a hurricane, flood, fire or other disaster to vour Florida property (serving Orange, Seminole, Polk, Hillsborough, and Brevard Counties)
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