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How to Get a Free Floor Plan for your Real Estate Listing using cubicasa

"Quick guide on scanning a home in 5 minutes to generate a detailed floor plan with Cubicasa
How to scan a home in 5 minutes and get a floor plan

In the digital era of real estate marketing, providing potential buyers with a detailed floor plan alongside your listing can significantly enhance its appeal. Floor plans offer a comprehensive overview of the property's layout, allowing buyers to visualize the space and plan ahead before visiting in person. In Brevard County, Florida, leveraging innovative solutions like CubiCasa can make obtaining a floor plan for your real estate listing both effortless and cost-effective. Offering Free Floor Plans Through CubiCasa

Our real estate media business is excited to offer free floor plans as part of our enhanced photography and videography packages, thanks to our partnership with CubiCasa. Here’s how you can benefit:

  • Integration with Service Packages: When you book a real estate photography or videography package with us, you'll receive a generated floor plan at no additional cost. This offer is designed to provide comprehensive marketing materials that highlight the best features of your property.

The Process of Creating Floor Plans with CubiCasa

You can use CubiCasa to simplify the floor plan creation process, making it accessible and efficient or we can do it for you at no additional cost:

  • Scanning the Property: Using the CubiCasa app on a smartphone, it will scan your property by walking through each room. The app captures the layout and dimensions of the space without the need for manual measurement.

  • Automatic Floor Plan Generation: The data collected during the scan is then processed by CubiCasa’s technology to generate a detailed floor plan, which includes measurements and a clear representation of the property’s layout.

  • Types of Floor Plans Provided: While the standard output is a high-quality 2D floor plan, options for enhancing the floor plan to include furniture placement or a 3D perspective are also available, offering a more immersive experience to potential buyers.

Detailed floor plan example
Floor Plan Example with measurements
  • Maximizing the Impact of Your Floor Plan To ensure your floor plan becomes a powerful tool in your listing, consider the following tips:

  • Detailing and Accuracy: Emphasize the accuracy and details in your floor plan, including door and window locations, to give buyers a true sense of the property's flow.

  • Marketing Integration: Integrate the floor plan with your property’s photos and videos to provide a complete visual package that can be shared across MLS listings, social media, and your website.

  • Highlight Unique Features: Use the floor plan to draw attention to any unique features or selling points of the property, such as an open floor plan, additional storage spaces, or outdoor living areas. Including a detailed floor plan in your real estate listing not only elevates the listing's professionalism but also significantly enhances its attractiveness to potential buyers. By utilizing CubiCasa’s innovative technology through our photography and videography services in Brevard County, you can provide valuable insights into your property’s layout and potential at no extra cost. Reach out to us today to take advantage of this offer and make your real estate listings stand out with high-quality floor plans.

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