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We've updated our content delivery platform and what that means for you

🚀 Welcome Aboard, Esteemed Realtors! We are so thankful that you are one of our valued customers, and we want you to know that we are upgrading our Content Delivery and Online Scheduling system!

The pulse of every fruitful business partnership lies in its ability to grow, innovate, and provide consistent, elevated value. At AerialShots Media, we’ve seamlessly integrated these elements, propelling our journey to deliver unmatched service to our treasured realtor partners like you. Today, we're elated to introduce you to a pivotal upgrade designed to streamline, empower, and enrich your real estate marketing endeavors: Our Revamped Content Delivery and Online Scheduling System! With this update, you can anticipate streamlined online booking, updated content delivery, and a custom real estate media portal where we will house ALL of your new listings, orders, and appointments in one place.

Here are previews of each new thing!

Streamlined Online Booking

Swift, effortless, and robust – our upgraded booking system ensures your listings are scheduled with unparalleled ease and precision.

Updated Content Delivery Via Email and Download Center

Revamped Content Delivery: Receive your high-quality visuals via an enriched email system and an intuitive download center, ensuring your marketing materials are always at your fingertips

Custom Real Estate Media Portal

A dedicated digital space to manage your listings, orders, and appointments, all while interacting with your visual content in a whole new way!

🔗 Your Real Estate Media Portal: A One-Stop Solution

  • Access Anytime, Anywhere: Retrieve your images, videos, 3D tours, 2D floor plans, and invoices linked with your orders at your convenience.

  • Interactive Experiences: Tailor-make Property Websites, conjure engaging Flyers, and explore more with our interactive functionalities, ensuring your listings always stand out.

Property Websites

Property Websites: Architect a digital home for your listings, ensuring every potential buyer experiences the unique charm of your properties online and collects new leads.

Create Flyers

Flyer Creations: Quickly design visually striking flyers with your images, effortlessly communicating the essence and allure of your properties to a wide audience.

🔐 Unlock Your Portal: Free & Customizable

The account is free and activating allows you to set up your own password so that you are able to log in and access your content in the future! Here to Support Your Journey

We are so excited to roll out these upgrades to our valued customers and understand that the transition will bring with it a small learning curve. We have provided the resources below to help you navigate this new platform. Click the link below and learn how you can use this in your business today.

Agent Onboarding (Master the basics in under 5 minutes and learn how to review listings, download photos, and more!)

Your elevation in the real estate market is our shared success. While we embark on this new chapter with exciting features, our commitment to providing you with exemplary support remains unwavering. Your feedback and experiences as you navigate through our enhanced platform will be pivotal in shaping our ongoing and future innovations.

Here’s to forging ahead into a future where every listing is not just seen but celebrated! 🏡🎉

Create your free portal to access our new platform here.


🚀 The Team at AerialShots Media

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