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Terms of Service - Aerial Shots Media 

Scope of Services -

The photographer will provide real estate media services as outlined in the agreed-upon package or scope of work. It is the client's responsibility to communicate their requirements and expectations clearly to the photographer to ensure that the services provided align with their needs. Any additional services or changes to the scope of work must be fully communicated before the service.

Compensation -

Payment Due Upon Delivery:  No deposit necessary to schedule appointment. The client is required to make full payment upon receiving the final media files. Delivery of the media files will be withheld until the payment is received.

Delivery - Customer will be able to review a watermarked version of final media files prior to making payment to ensure satisfaction of delivery.

Photos & 3D Tours: Final edited photos will be delivered to the client within 24 hours after the completion of the photography session.

Videos and Floorplans: The client can expect to receive the final video and floorplan files within 48 hours after the respective session.

Travel Fee Policy -

At Aerial Shots Media, we strive to offer competitive pricing and exceptional service. To ensure transparency and fairness, the following travel fee policy applies:

Free Travel Zone
0-40 Miles: No travel fee applies for appointments within 40 miles from the photographer's home address.

Travel Fee Structure
41-75 Miles: A travel fee of $0.50 per mile will be applied.
76-100 Miles: A travel fee of $1.00 per mile will be applied.
101-150 Miles: A travel fee of $1.25 per mile will be applied.
151+ Miles: A travel fee of $3.00 per mile will be applied.

To check the exact travel fee for a listing, clients can input the address and information for property and select packages and services, and schedule a date to see the pricing with travel fee  (if above 40 miles) included into pricing on our booking system here

Example Calculation
If the photographer travels 75 miles to an appointment, the total travel fee would be calculated as follows:

Distance: 75 miles
Travel Fee: 75 miles x $1.75 = $131.25

This fee can be credited towards other services such as a 3D tour, twilight photo, video, or any other service offered by Aerial Shots Media. This ensures that the time spent commuting to and from the location is factored into the minimum order value.


By adhering to this policy, we aim to provide clear and consistent pricing for all our clients, while accommodating the logistics involved in delivering our high-quality services.

Intellectual Property and Licensing -

All photographs taken by Aerial Shots Media remain the property of Aerial Shots Media and may only be used for their intended purpose. Reproduction, modification, or distribution of any of the photographs without the express written or verbal consent of Aerial Shots Media is strictly prohibited.

No Call/ No Show -

In the event of a no call, no show by a customer, where an appointment or service has been scheduled, the customer will be held responsible for full payment. Failure to provide prior notice or communicate any changes to a scheduled appointment, resulting in a no call, no show, will incur the customer's obligation to pay the full amount for the missed appointment or service.


We kindly request our customers to provide at least 24 hours notice of any changes or cancellations to scheduled appointments to avoid any unnecessary charges or inconveniences. Cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled shoot are subject to a $150 charge.

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